Factors in a Successful Music Experience

Whether you or your child is interested in guitar, piano, violin, voice or any other music lessons, there are several areas you will have to commit to if you want to achieve your goals. Some of these are personal, while others relate to making the right choices when it comes to the people who help you learn.

At Austin Music Academy, we’re proud to offer music lessons with high-level instructors for all these areas. Let’s go over the four components that we generally consider most important for your success moving forward within this realm.

A Real Teacher

It’s vital for students of all ages to make a real human connection with their music instructor. Luckily, today’s modern technology makes this easier than ever, with video chatting options in high quality and accompanying music programs for if you can’t be in the same place as your teacher.

There are software solutions out there for learning instruments, but in our experience, the best musicians simply never learned this way. Music is an art, not a standardized task you can learn from a machine.

Clear Methods

One major issue with those kinds of software programs or YouTube tutorials is their lack of tying themes together. These kinds of offerings generally aren’t in a long-term program that helps students build skills on top of one another in healthy ways.

With a human teacher, you’re looking for a clear teaching method that emphasizes both reading music and ear training. If you’re learning remotely, find a program that allows you to actively view what your teacher is playing – this is a big part of learning properly.

Keeping Records

As you progress within your instrument, it’s good to have access to a record of the achievements you’ve crossed off your list. Not only will this allow you to look back fondly years later, it may help you with several process-related areas as you learn.

Testing Knowledge

Finally, while no one wants to be pressured too heavily, it’s beneficial to test the knowledge you’ve obtained and how well it has stuck. Having basic quizzes and assessment programs involved is a good way to keep you accountable, both to yourself and to your instructor.

For more on the important factors in success while learning an instrument, or to learn about any of our piano lessons, voice lessons, guitar lessons or other music offerings, speak to the pros at Austin Music Academy today.

“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
- Billy Joel
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